Our Funding

As a Non-Profit, we derive 95% of our funds from recycling plastics,cardboard, and batteries.  Those funds generated are in turn used for our daily operations, computer donations and contributions.  We Please feel free to contact us to join any one of our programs.



Plastic Recycling Program

Many of our recycle bottles are collected from laudromats once collected, mixed plastics are sorted, baled and sent to a reclaiming facility. There the plastics are cleaned, washed and ground into flakes. The flakes are dried, melted, filtered and formed into pellets. These are sent to a manufacturer to be heated and remolded into a new product.

Depending on the kind of plastic, here are just a few things recycling bottles and containers can become. Recycled plastic can be made into new containers and packaging, fiber and fiberfill for clothing, carpeting, car parts and strapping. Another type of plastic can be made into new containers, durable outdoor decks, benches, plastic lumber and playground equipment, and recycling bins. Some recycled plastics are made into car parts and reusable kitchenware like cutting boards, utensils and food storage containers.

Bale Out Program

We collect many of our cardboard prebaled from local supermarkets, furniture stores, and shoe stores. Once the cardboard materials reach the recycling center, they are sorted according to what they're made of. There two types of cardboard for recycling: boxboard and corrugated cardboard. Boxboard includes cereal boxes, cardboard drink containers or any type of thin, non-coated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard refers to the large packing boxes typically used to transport goods.